What is ‘ZIN’?

‘ZIN’ means ‘original’ or ‘pure’ in Khmer. With ZIN Adventures our aim is to offer original tours, real stories and once in a lifetime experiences, while making positive contributions to Cambodia.

Our team of highly trained guides provide well researched stories about Cambodia’s historical attractions, the tragic history of the Khmer Rouge, and first-hand accounts of life as a local in the country.

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Why was ZIN started?

ZIN was established in April 2018 with the goal of creating meaningful jobs for the deported refugee community in Cambodia. We started on the eve of the largest group of deportees (‘DPs’) – 43 – arriving in Cambodia from the United Stated. There are now over 700 DPs in Cambodia.

We remember how hard it is to integrate in Cambodia as a DP so we have committed our skills and resources to create this adventure tourism company and train all team members in entrepreneurism, research, storytelling and leadership.

While ZIN has started to create jobs, it has also become a path of positive energy, hope and healing. It’s become a way for our community to reconnect with our motherland.


The DP community

In the 1970s – 1990s, approximately 260,000 Cambodian refugees were settled outside of Cambodia. The full story of the refugee exodus has yet to be told and this is one of the driving forces behind ZIN. Many of us in the DP community can trace our personal stories back to Site 2, Khao I Dang, Phanat Nikhom and other refugee camps. Many of us were born in these camps so don’t see ourselves as being ‘returned’ to Cambodia because we were born in camps outside of the country.


Giving back

One of ZIN’s core principles is to give back – give back to the DP community, give back to the local community, give back to Cambodia. The team at ZIN work with other DPs to run food drives, street clean-ups, recycling, blood drives, and counseling.

ZIN has been built around leadership from the DP community and we aim to provide a dynamic and positive direction in response to the growing community in Cambodia. A percentage of our profits are dedicated to improving services for the community.