Phnom Penh city tour

On this 90 minute city tour of Phnom Penh, we will take you to ‘Providence’ – a neighborhood formally known as the ‘European Quarter’. From the night market to the Japanese Bridge, you’ll hear stories of Phnom Penh’s history, legendary tales of the country’s historical and political figures, and first-hand accounts of life as a local in the city. The tour starts at the Chinese House, leading on to a Hokkien temple, a French church, remnants of a Chinese meeting hall and finishing at Wat Phnom – where the city was born.

Available time slots include 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.

As an optional add on, choose the boat tour of the Tonle Sap river.

Kirirom Mountain – 1 day tour

This one day tour will take you to from Phnom Penh to Kirirom Mountain - approximately a 2.5 hour drive outside the city - and stops at the Wat Snguon Pich killing field and the cultural site of Ampe Phnom.

As you make your way to Kirirom, learn about the famous architects who designed the 100 villas on the mountain including the King’s famous architect, Vann Molyvann. Today the villas sit in ruins, lost in the pine forest – many forgotten.

Hear stories of tears, joy and survival as you explore the ruins of one of late King Sihanouk’s favourite getaways. The team will guide you around the King’s chalet, the King’s treasury and the mysterious ‘Laboratory in the Park’ and talk you through the royal history of the mountain and the 18 day battle in 1970. You’ll visit the shrine of Yeay Mao – the guardian spirit of the mountain – and learn how Kirirom got its name ‘Mountain of Joy’. Take in the Cambodian wildlife while enjoying a taste of Khmer rock-n-roll music of the 1960s and find out how the 1960s golden era of film-making in Cambodia played a vital part in the history of Kirirom Mountain.

Stop at Wat Snguon Pich and Ampe Phnom to learn of little known stories of respected Buddhist monks and fortune tellers during the rule of the Khmer Rouge. Walk in the shadows of the horrific acts which took place at the sites and hear about life during the civil war from collected stories of Khmer elders.

Pick up time: 7am – 8.30am

Drop off time: 8.30pm – 9pm

As an optional add on, choose to end your day with a traditional Khmer dinner at one of the best local restaurants in Phnom Penh. We will provide you with several terrific choices and can cater to your dietary requirements.

Kirirom Mountain – 2 day tour

A longer time on the mountain means more time to relax, enjoy the refreshing mountain air and the comforts of a Kirirom resort. On this two day tour you’ll have more time to get to know your fellow travelers and the ZIN team.

With longer stop times at each attraction, you’ll hear more stories about royal Khmer history during Cambodia’s post-independence era and take in more of Kirirom’s natural beauty.

The trip includes transport, lunch and dinner on the first day, accommodation, and a buffet breakfast and lunch on the second day.

Pick up time: 7am – 7.30am

Drop off time: 7pm – 7.30pm (or 9.30pm – 10pm if dinner included)

As an optional add on to the second day, choose to end your trip with a traditional Khmer dinner at one of the best local restaurants in Phnom Penh. We will provide you with several terrific choices and can cater to your dietary requirements.

Other add ons for the second day include a bird watching experience, a trek to Heaven’s Cliff, and a visit to Chambok waterfall.

Tailored packages

With ZIN we can tailor packages and arrange itineraries suitable for you or your group. We offer a range of additional experiences and activities so there is something for everyone.

Some of the special add ons we offer include:

  1. Sports – mountain biking, fishing with locals, yoga

  2. Music and recreation – Cambodian live bands and performances, classic and contemporary dancers, spoken word artists

  3. Team building – obstacle courses, games, soft skills development activities

  4. Khmer cooking classes with our local partners

  5. Khmer craft workshops to make your own candles, soaps, baskets and bracelets

See something you fancy? Get in touch with us for pricing.