Name: Khan

Dream Adventure: Like to travel the world

In my spare time: Love to build, hands on and like living on tha edge. Love speed.

ZIN means to me: ‘ZIN’ never liked the name but i'll roll with it. It doesn’t mean anything to me but a company name. I'm just sayin. 

Just tryin to be a positive person. Lookin forward to working with people that make a difference in the world.

"Learn how to be humble where ever life takes me."


Street Name: a.k.a. Kasper

History in America: I grew up in South Central L.A.

In my spare time: I love to read new educational subjects...very into conspiracy theories...but not too adventurous.


Name: Buck Billy

Dream Adventure: Disney World with my daughter.

In my Spare Time: I like to reflect on my life experiences.

ZIN means to me: The "original" company which brings the deportee community together and creates employment opportunities for deportees and local Cambodians. ZIN is sharing our personal histories and recreating Cambodia's rich history.